Samsung Surveillance Cameras

Why Buy Samsung Surveillance Products

Samsung cameras (Hanwha Techwin) are one of the few manufacturers that make all of the components themselves and do not buy their competitor’s parts. This allows them to be a market leader in cost, feature sets, and speed to market with new technologies. It also allows for the tightest of integrations because everything is made by one company.

All Samsung cameras have true motion detection and many have analytics that allows for events to trigger: noises, objects appearing/disappearing, facial detection, enter and/or exit, and direction of travel.

Want to make sure your Samsung Surveillance Camera system is performing the way it needs to be?
Have you ever tried to watch video footage and found a camera offline, or that the length of record time is not as long as you expected? With SmartViewer you don’t even need to worry. This web-based software will auto-email you a daily, weekly, or monthly report that includes Vital health monitoring information and a camera Image verification. A still image is taken every 12 hours, so you get a snapshot of what the camera is seeing during the day and the night.

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