IPledge Business Phone System

Pure IP On-Premise Telephone System

ipledgeYour communications system is more than a tool to connect with colleagues, customers and vendors. It projects an image. It sends a strong message about the efficiency, productivity and professionalism of your business. With Toshiba’s IPedge system, every location, every branch office—from 8 users to thousands of users—can present an enterprise-class face to the world.

With Toshiba’s IPedge, sophisticated IP communications come in a single, compact server that occupies a mere 1U of rack space or sits on a shelf. One server provides the productivity, convenience and control capabilities the business needs, such as:




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Supports up to 40 users per server Supports up to 200 users per server Supports up to 1,000 users per server


You can manage email and voice mail messages in one place, customize phone features, stay fully connected from anywhere, integrate phone and PC into a powerful communications tool, and much more.

IPedge was made for businesses that need sophisticated communications but want the phone system to be as simple as possible to own, use and manage. Running multiple applications on one server instead of an individual server for each application delivers significant savings on equipment and maintenance costs. With central system administration, your telecom manager can securely monitor and manage the IPedge system from anywhere.