The problem… unwanted sound!

The problem- sound. The solution – Sound Masking

Let me start with a few examples and maybe you can relate…

I’m visiting a client a few years ago, they had just moved into a new office space a few months prior. Their new space is a a very open floor plan, an industrial space with 14′ ceilings. They have offices around the perimeter, and cubicles in the center, but theoffice walls only go up about 8′.  From there it’s an open, loft-style ceiling, a very sharp looking place. The problem they werehaving however, is sound. Everyone can hear everyone, everywhere!  From one end of the office to the other you can clearly make out everyone’s conversations, it’s beyond distracting, and very difficult for anyone to get any work done.
A few weeks later, I’m at a new doctors office for a routine physical and I’m sitting in an exam room filling out paperwork. I begin to hear the doctor start talking to a patient in the next room. Luckily I didn’t see them in the waiting room before or after my appointment, as I heard their entire conversation, and learned much more then I wanted to about him. So much for HIPPA privacy.  After walking out of the doctor’s office I walked past a psychiatrists office, they had a noise machine sitting in the hallway, with a power cord going under the doorway. It was a very loud, non aesthetically pleasing solution. I’m surprised the land lord would allow that day to day.

Then I’m on a pre-bid walk through for an office remodel at one of the world’s largest soft drink manufacture’s research and development facility. They have a lot of policies and items in place for confidentiality of their products, but the one that I picked up on was sound masking. We walked down a large section of cubicles. I could tell that there was a lot of people working away, on phone calls, mini meetings, and typing away on their computers, but what was missing was the clarity of their voices. I couldn’t make out what the employees were saying as we walked by. Only 10′ or so away, but since they were not talking to us, it was private to them.

What they had was a sound masking solution in place.
Here’s how it works! A small, web enabled, amplifier with small speakers is placed throughout the facility which creates a nice constant sound, similar to the whoosh of air conditioning. Some people refer to it as white noise, but when you get specific it’s really pink noise, which is more on par with the human tonal range of speech than the static-like sound of white noise. It really does create harmony between the employees, reduces confidential information going to the wrong people, and creates less distractions which helps the bottom line.
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Brad “the phone guy” Carr

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